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Some comments from the other professionals....

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I don't know if it's "too damned difficult."  True, it is difficult to do
it really well, but just how difficult, I'm reluctant state.  However, one
thing I will say without qualification, no-compromise wedding video is one
of the hardest jobs you can take on.  Physically, mentally and
emotionally.  I find industrial and commercial work much, much less
demanding.  Just as challenging (possibly more challenging) and more
rewarding, but less demanding overall.
Case Marsh
Marsh Associates LLC
Easton MD 21601

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To all the "lowly wedding videographers". Weddings require a lot of
knowledge, unusual skills i.e. dealing with clients & a fair  amount of
expensive equipment to capture sounds & good quality pictures. Not to
mention the skill & creativity it requires to make a memorable & client
pleasing product in your equally expensive edit suite. As an old
broadcaster from way back, & who has shot & edited only a handful of
weddings for friends,  I , for one fully appreciate how difficult a
profession you people really have. Most broadcast people won't touch a
wedding because they are just too damned difficult.
Don Patterson

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Motto:  Get it done by a wedding professional

See here for a personal view on not having a Videographer

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IOV | The Institute of Videography

98242 - Michaela & James 17th May 2013

 Lauren & Scott, 6th October 2012
 Robecca & Tom May 27th 2012
Kylie & Thomas 28th April 2012
Samantha & Jeff 28th July 2011
Rebecca & Steven 2nd July 2011
Kerry & Hasan 11th June 2011
Caroline & Carl 21st May 2011
Andrea & Steve 2nd May 2010
 Emma & Simon 24th April 2010
Joanna & Jeremy 10th April 2010\
Clare & Mick 9th April 2010
 Lucy & John Fri 28th Aug 2009
Sarah & Martin 7th August 2009
Faye & Darren 1st aug 2009
98219 - Nicola & Tony Sun 26th July 2009
98215 - Ruth & Adam 25th July 2009