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This is the bit most people find the most nervous, they can take the vows at the alter, but making that speech just becomes to much for them.  The go off their food, break into a cold sweat.  Don't worry you will do just fine, no one at the wedding, is there to ridicule you, they are there to listen to you.  This is your big day make the most of it, give them something to remember when they re-live the day.  If you need some help then the wedding speeches tape can help you prepare a corker of a speech, see below for more details.

The first person to stand up and do his speech is the bride's father, and his toast is to the happy couple. The next to go is the groom and his toast is to the bridesmaids, he may also give presents to the bridesmaids, the bestman and flowers to both mums. The last to go is the bestman and he thanks the groom on behalf of the bridesmaids for his toast, his toast is usually to the happy couple and, or absent friends. The bestman might want to give the guests things to see e.g. baby photos/slides during his speech.

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Need help With That Speech...

As your 'Big Day' approaches, Do you find the prospect of root canal surgery more pleasing than the brutal reality of delivering your grand speech in front of an audience???

Are you lost for words when you try to prepare your speech, afraid that you will not say the right words at the right time?

Don't worry!!!, it's a very common problem! But help is at hand in the form of 'Wedding Speeches: Getting It Right!' A unique video which shows actual footage of the main men delivering speeches to their captive audience. This video will both educate and entertain you...   (Pal format only UK)

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Hayley & Clinton 11th July 2008

98171 - Lauren & Aaron 21st June 2008

Wedding speeches Video tape, Go to the web site.
Purchase Tape On-Line

98184 - Natalie & Steve 16th May 2008

Lisa & Phil 5th April 2008

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