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What is Casablanca? Casa

Put simply, Casablanca is a very special kind of digital video editing system.

Actually, it's not just one machine. It's more like 4 different machines combined in one user-friendly interface:
bulletVideo editing system - For cutting videos.
bulletVideo effect machine - For giving your videos incredible effects.
bulletVideo titler - For titling your videos using different fonts and functions.
bulletAudio mixing - For mixing the video sound.
You can edit, cut, re-arrange and sort your video scenes as you please. Adding effects and various kinds of cuts is done without the usual quality loss you get when following the traditional way of editing (thus making several copies). This is because of Casablanca's digital recording method.
If you are unhappy about the order of the scenes, simply re-arrange them in real time. No quality-loss and as often as you wish.
Three digital stereo tracks can be mixed to give your video that final touch.
Casablanca works without video tapes, making it immune to the typical aging of mechanical parts.

Once happy with your work, record the finished version to tape. You will only need one video recorder and one TV set to make use of the fantastic possibilities Casablanca offers.

Casablanca is simply plugged into your TV or video-monitor. Using the on-screen menus and the supplied trackball, you can whiz through the functions, making Casablanca's interface not a lot more complicated than a video recorder's.
Casablanca's possibilities Casa

The method of digitally saving video data opens up a sheer unlimited array of possibilities for Casablanca.
The following is a rough list of the functions and possibilities.
bulletRecord video films to Casablanca.
bulletSplit the material into single scenes.
bulletThe scenes are then edited, trimmed, deleted.
bulletRearrange the video's scenes in the story-board.
bulletPlayback the result in real time without quality-losses and make corrections.
bulletAdd effects. For e.g.:
bullethard cuts or gentle fades going from one scene to the other.
bulletmany effects like page turning, roll, shove, colour fades,...
bulletImage processing effects:
bulletColour corrections, coal drawings, mirror, relief,...
bulletSlow motion, backwards, strobe, false colours,...
bulletAdd various titles to the scenes: text tables, scroll texts.
bulletMix the sound, add background sound to the original.
bulletRecord the final video to video tape.
Casablanca is not fixed to these functions. Instead, the concept of the software is: "Flexible and expandable". You can add new functions and effects without sending the machine to the manufacturer. All additions are simply bought from the retailer.

  The Casablanca-Software comes in many different languages, depending on the country.
At the moment the following languages are available:
Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turk.

Casablanca I - Technical data


Type Description
Video standard PAL-B/G 50 Hz or NTSC-M 60 Hz, digital standard CCIR 601
Video bandwidth 5,8 MHz (-3 dB)
Resolution >700 Horizontal, >560 Vertical (PAL), >460 Vertical (NTSC)
Inputs CVBS and YC at the front and rear of the machine (typ. 75 Ohm), I-Link DV (optional)
Outputs CVBS and YC and RGB at the rear of the machine (typ. 75 Ohm), I-Link DV (optional)

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Type Description
Frequency 20-20000 Hz
S/N difference 72 dB
Inputs Stereo-cinch, at the front and at the rear (typ. 22 kOhm), I-Link DV (optional)
Output Stereo-cinch, at the rear (<600 Ohm, typ. 0,707 Vrms, max. 2.8 Vpp), I-Link DV (optional)

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Recording system
Type Description
Principle Motion JPEG
Data Rate 0.5 - 3.5 MBytes/Second (without Audio), Bitrate control
Data storage FAST-SCSI-II Harddisk
Capacity internal up to 18 GB, external up to 2048 Gigabyte
Running times
Setting Quality Approximate running time in hours:minutes
1-3 Longplay 1:15-2:15 1:54-3:30 2:50-5:05 5:40-10:10 14:28-25:58
4-6 VHS 0:40-1:10 1:01-1:47 1:30-2:40 3:00-5:20 7:40-13:36
7-8 S-VHS, Hi8 0:28-0:34 0:42-0:51 1:02-1:16 2:04-2:32 5:16-6:28
9 S-VHS, Hi8, DV 0:24 0:34 0:47 1:34 4:00
10-12 BetacamSP 0:20-0:22 0:30-0:33 0:45-0:50 1:30-1:40 3:50-4:14
Depending on the video material, the running times can be above or below these figures, especially when VHS settings.
The running time also depends on the used harddisk. This can make up differences of up to several minutes. Some harddisks can be up to 100 Megabytes smaller (in some cases even larger) than expected.
The capacity information given by Casablanca is a approximate figure which does not necessarily have to be identical with the table above. Due to technical reasons, there may be differences between software versions too.

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Type Description
Measurements 443mm * 113 mm * 372mm
Weight about 7 Kg
Colour Black


MacroSystem, 6.7.2000

IOV | The Institute of Videography

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